Clovis and Fresno's One and only Board Game Bar

"If we had a board game bar in Fresno I'd be there every day, but it didn't exist so I figured I had to make one." - Wilson Lin

So... What is a Board Game Bar?

It's our chance to combine our two passions (Beer and Boardgames) to bring you a fun and unique experience. Whether you like the 60s ingenuity of "Mouse Trap", the humor of party games like "Cards Against Humanity", or embodying your favorite Disney baddie in "Villainous". There's something for everybody in our library of over 400 board games. Pair that with a brew from our list of craft Beers from all local breweries such as; Crow and Wolf, Tactical Ops, House of Pendragon, and more!

And... What is a Meeple?

This guy here is a meeple. They are small figures that are used as playing pieces in certain board games. The Board Game community loves these little guys and can you blame us? They're so cute.

Contact Us!

Do you have any questions? Have something you'd like to let us know? Please feel free to contact us through or reach out to us via Facebook!

Do you have any Non Alcoholic Drinks?

Yes we have a large cafe section of teas, coffee, and lemonades! Maybe you want a Cold Brew with Catan, some Tea for your Ticket to Ride, or Lemonade with your Love Letter we have something for everyone! We also have sodas for those who love carbonated beverages.